Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

After starting to train at age 12 with dreams of looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger keg finally picked the sport of strongman in 2006 and competed in his first contest a week before turning 18.

From a simple hobby, the sport has evolved into a lifestyle which has seen Ken capture 4 Scottish titles, a 2nd place finish at UK's Strongest Man behind Eddie Hall and a 7th place finish at the 2012 Arnold Amateur World Championships.

With a background in engineering, then changing to a career in neuromuscular therapy he has a diverse insight for how the body works and also the analytical techniques to overcome problems with injury and plateaus in training.

2012 saw Ken detach his bicep, and after a few years of moving across the pond to Colorado and settling in to a new way of life, he qualified for the Giant's Live Tour at the 2016 North American Log and Deadlift Championships.

Ken now has his eyes set on making his mark again on the international scene next year and qualifying for World's Strongest Man.

If you're interested in working with Ken for strongman training, or to achieve any other strength or fitness goals please fill in the submission form below.

Price is $125 per month and there is no time commitment.