Born in Dunblane, Scotland in 1988, Ken spent most of his childhood years without a definative sport. After living in Shetland for 5 years and Aberdeen for a further 5 he found the sport of strongman at the age of 17 and competed in his first contest a few weeks before his 18th birthday.

Ken became the youngest man to qualify to compete for the title of Scotland's Strongest Man in 2008 at the age of 19, and became the youngest Scottish champion at the age of 23. He has one a total of 4 Scottish titles (1x Jnr UKSC SSM 2011, 2x UKSC SSM 2011 & 2012 and further Scottish title in 2012).

He has also competed number of times in China winning the Hercules Cup in 2012. Earlier in 2012 he also placed 7th at Amateur World Championships in Columbus, OH; 1st place at the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham and also competed at Europe's Strongest Man in Leeds.

A bicep detachment and subsequent reattachment surgery in 2012 cut his season short, but he returned to the Amateur World Championships in 2013 and placed 11th. 2013 saw a quiet year for Ken ending with a Chinese tour in October. December 2013 saw a relocation to Denver, CO.

US Nationals 2014 didn't go to plan, after a hand injury Ken dropped to 2nd by a half point in the sub 300b class to winner Bryan Benzel and 5th in overall heavyweight.

After the 2015 Arnold, Ken decided to drop to the 231b/105kg class for the rest of the season after leaving the training group he was with and moving to Crossfit Surge in Northglenn, CO where he now trains alone full time.

2016 saw Ken back in the heavyweight class and in June took 2nd at the North American Log and Deadlift Championships. He is currently preparing to try and win a Heavyweight Pro Card in Jacksonville, FL on August 27th.

In addition to strongman Ken is an avid snowboarder and spends most of his spare time either outdoors enjoying nature or watching movies. Family is a huge part of life to Ken, his father being a large motivating factor to be successful in all aspects of life. It truly is right that none of this would of been possible without the support of his family!

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